Safety Hooks

The CableSafe® Safety Hooks are applied in maintenance, turnaround, construction industrial works as safety product to suspend hoses, cables and work gear off the work floor.

Cable Guard

Heavy duty cable guards protect electrical cables & hoses. It reduces tripping accidents and protects cables & hoses against traffic, which reduces wear and tear and increases the Cable life-span significantly. Heavy duty cable guards reduce electrical shock risk when cables and hoses are exposed to outdoor elements.

Toe Board

The CableSafe® toe board is a low protective barrier. The Toeboard or Kickplate protects openings on platforms when there is a risk of dropped objects and tools from height. The safety toeboard is easy to install with nuts and bolts. Installation is done without the need of hot work permits.

Safety Net

Dropped objects are prevented using secondary retention nets. These specifically designed safety nets secure, enclose and tether overhead fixtures items with the purpose to prevent an item at height from falling when its primary attachment fails. In other words this dropped object prevention safety net will catch the equipment at height when brackets corrode or connections to structure fails (e.g. impact by crane, fatigue, etc). The nets are designed for onshore and offshore installations.

Self Closing Safety Gate

The self-closing double bar safety gate is designed to prevent falls from height at ladder openings, working platforms or pedestrian areas. The safety gates exceed the EU ISO 14122-3 standard requirements and is TÜV tested (certificates available on request).

Confined Space Barrier

The Manhole Entry Confined Space barrier is ideal for securing the entrance / exit to large storage facilities, tanks or pipes where bolts are used to secure it in place. This barrier is used by the largest oil and gas multinationals to secure their manholes during maintenance and installation works. The manhole entry confined space barrier is adjustable in length and is available in different siezes. Manhole entry confined space barrier restricts access of manhole. Made of robust materials and easy to install. Custom size possible. Produced in the Netherlands. Also available in explosion proof version.

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