GRIPPS™ Tool Bag

Bolt Safe Pouch with Self Closure

The Bolt-safe pouch incorporates an amazing self-closure system that makes it almost impossible for loose nuts and bolts to fall out even when shaken upside down!

  • Ideal for nuts, bolts, screws etc.
  • Still allows the user to easily retrieve bolts etc, even when wearing gloves!
  • Self closure doesn't require any effort to activate
  • Can be worn off a tool belt or harness with a karabiner
  • Includes d-rings that can be tethered to
  • Fits easily onto most tool belts and can easily be fitted to harnesses with and included karabiner
  • Vinyl option are easy to wipe clean and ideally suited to oily environments

Stops the Drops Lifting Bucket

The Stop the Drops lifting bucket is loaded with features that help prevent dropped objects. The multi reinforced design makes this arguably he toughest lifting buckt in the world and the locking velco closure system protects against accidental spills on-site.

  • 113KG SWL - The massive 113kg SWL is fully verified and certified
  • 'Locking' Closure system - heavy duty velcro closure with 'locking' feature protects against accidental spills
  • Puncture Resistant - A composite insert in the base protects against puntures.
  • Built in tool connection points - Built in tool connection points inside the bucket enable tools to be tethered directly to the inside of each unit
  • Extra HD Vinyl - the extra heavy duty vinyl used in the construction of these buckets is designed to last in the harshest of contruction environments.
  • Auto locking lifting karabiner - the auto locking karabiner, provides extra security and peace of mind

Stop the Drops Mule Bucket

Ideally suited to safely secure tools and equipment being used and manually transported at height the Stop the Drops mule bucket includes a host of features to prevent dropped objects.

  • Backpack handles for safe manual transport
  • Fully certified and individually coded
  • Handrail Mounting System for securing to handrails of EWP's, Boom Lifts, scaffolding and structures.
  • Multiple inner tether points for securing tools
  • External tether points for securing tools externally
  • External pockets for securing battery tools and hammers etc
  • Velcro closure with locking straps

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