SKYLOTEC is one of the leading manufacturers of Personal Fall Protection Equipment and safety systems for sports and industry. We offer extensive range of fall protection products, consultation and services and international training programme from the Vertical Rescue College.

Our products consists of extensive range of high performance and innovative products such as Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PPE) and products for permanent fall protection: harnesses, ropes, carabiners, abseiling equipment and rescue equipment, fall arresters, horizontal anchor systems, climbing protection ladders, anchor points, protective clothing and much more besides.

Personal Fall Protection Equipment


All models impress with refined details retaining the maximum user benefit and comfort. Every part of the safety harness has been developed in order to outperform user requirements. This new series is distinctive, thanks to its unique design and colour scheme.


The specially designed EPS thorax and PC/ABS shell will absorb, particularly high impact energies, both in the vertex area and at the sides.


An Innovative dual stage shock absorber protects workers in the weight range of 50kg to 140kg, offering the highest level protection for all workers


With Raptor attached overhead, it’s possible to work at 45 degree with a lateral deflection of 1.5m. The Raptor has also been successfully tested for horizontal use and is suitable for sharp edge use (above 0.5mm edge)

Descender and Rescue Devices


The Milan 2.0 Power when combined with a Rescue Device Driver will enable a swift, simple evacuation or rescue of stranded or injured workers.


Designed and developed for extended use under the toughest conditions for all tasks involved in rope based access & rescue.Features outstanding handling thanks to its compact design and intuitive rope insertion and operation. 250kg Rated Load

Conrest Kit

The CONREST is the most advanced and compact rescue stretcher on the market. It allows for the rapid rescue of accident victims from hard to reach and confined spaces.

Jackpod Davit

Flexible fall prevention for working in confined spaces is now easier than ever with the new JACKPOD davit arm and tripod systems. The portable and stepwise adjustable systems require only a small working base area and are easy to transport and store thanks to their low weight and volume.

Permanent Fall Protection System

CLAW LINE - Vertical

The new CLAW LINE enables the safe ascent or descent of ladders to reach the required height or depth. The EN 353-1:2014+A1:2017 certified cable fall-arrest system can be installed on the existing structures independently of the ladder or, where required, attached directly to the ladder.

SKYRAIL - Horizontal

SKYRAIL is a horizontal fall protection system, which allows people to work at great heights. The system can be used, for example, on flat roofs, stadium roofs, loading plants, wind turbines or cranes. Attached to floors, walls or ceilings, maintenance work and other activities can be carried out safely with the SKYRAIL system.

HAVEN Guard Rail

HAVEN is a guardrail for collective protection that can be used on flat roofs, terraced roofs or work platforms with up to 10° inclination. The free-standing version can be installed without penetrating the roof skin by means of weights encased in a plastic housing (25 kg per post).

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