SORB®XT is a truly ORGANIC all-round multi absorber – covering a critical range of applications and extremely versatile.

SORB®XT provides UNIQUE environmental protection against spillages across many critical industry sectors and form a fundamental element in meeting HSE Policy for a safe system of work procedures in managing such incidents.

SORB®XT is considered highly efficient and can be applied on any surfaces – water, streets/roads, asphalt, concrete and various industrial ground.

Summary of SORBXT Products:

  • 100 % biological / natural, with no additives
  • Environmental-friendly material
  • Fast immediate absorbency of spillages – minimal process and easy clean
  • Easy and safe handling due to organic nature and high volume to low weight ratio
  • ONE product for all critical spill applications
  • Reduced storage area required for stock
  • 24/7-availability
  • 5 years product life
  • One-Stop range of complementary SORBXT Tools product

Prevention of Environmental Incidents

A critical requirement for your Safety Management System is the generation and implementation of effective emergency response and spill control procedures.

SORB®XT products can be built into your procedures to provide complete peace of mind that in the event that you were to have a spillage you are fully prepared to minimize the impact of such an incident.

SORB®XT has available a full range of products designed to provide you with the controls you require to manage and minimise & mitigate the impact of such an event.

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