GRIPPS™ Tool Attachment Point

Tool Cables

Tool cables provide an effective means of attaching a fully certified tool anchor point on a wide range of tools & equipment.

  • PU coated aircraft grade steel provides a hard wearing tool anchor that's easy to maintain
  • Fully load rated and certified
  • Easy installation process - can be performed on-site
  • Can be locked permanently using thread locking compounds
  • Load Rating: 3.0 KG

Swivel Tool Catch With Cord

The Swivel Tool Catch with Cor provides an effortless anchor point for tools with holes that can be choked to.

  • Apply to tools in moments
  • Fully certified and load rated

Tool Rings

Tools rings provide a user-friendly, quick to apply tool anchor point for many hand tools

  • Apply to tools in moments
  • Available in three sizes
  • Fully certified and load rated

Tool Catch

User friendly, quick to apply and multi useful tool anchor can be applied to a vast range of hand tools and is fully certified and load rated.

  • Apply to tools in moments
  • Fully certified and load rated
  • Use in conjunction with Tech-Wrap Tape

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