Making Leaders In Tool-Height Safety

Tool Height Safety Awareness & Training

Untethered tools when working at 2m or more have the potential to fall onto or hit people at the workplace or adjoining areas (public footpath, road, square or the yard of a dwelling or other building beside a workplace).If precautions are not taken, these fallen tools can cause serious injuries or fatalities.

Target: Zero Drops is a 360-degree commitment to safety, through the emphasis placed on culture and education. We know that it is simply not enough to identify the equipment required and have it on-hand for workers operating at height. A deeper level of understanding and acceptance is required from the end-user, to ensure that best practices are employed when working at height, and the impact of a dropped tool is nullified at the very start of any possible incident, instead of relying on the secondary measures (drop-zones, catchment nets etc.).

The training module covers the following topics:

  • Legislation overview
  • Hazard observations
  • Consequences of dropped tools
  • Risk calculator and principle
  • How to plan activities for working safely at height with tools
  • How to build and apply tool tethering systems
  • CATT and SHORE tool tethering methedology
  • How to safely transport tools at height
  • Guidelines for safe use of tools & equipment at height

Available on-site or in our accredited training facility. Get theoretical and hands-on training in tool tethering and risk-assessment best practices.

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